NS series


Large torque transmission and high reliability

By its geared structure for torque transmission, Hasec coupling can transmit larger torque than the couplings of other structure,showing high reliability.


Large allowance for shaft misalignment

Hasec coupling has large allowance for offset misalignment,angular misalignment,and axial displacement, securing a smooth operation.


Long service life and constant price

Hasec coupling is free from aged deterioration and rupture due to fatigue of transmission element which are inevitable in other kinds of couplings,completing its long service life only by proper maintenance.Further our thorough going cost management has mode it possible to keep a constant price for a long time.



Target machine

・Iron-and-steel-making facilities, Various plants

・Cargo handling and carrier machinery (crane and similar machines)

・Paper manufacturing machine
・Machine tools
・Various pumps
・Electric train
・General industrial machines for all the fields


Basic type and components







1 スリーブA SLEEVE A S45C
2 スリーブB SLEEVE B S45C
3 ハブ HUB S45C
4 リーマボルト REAMER BOLT SCM435
5 1種ナット NUT S45C
6 ガワブタ SIDE COVER SS400
7 ボルト BOLT SS400
8 O-リング O-RING NBR
9 O-リング O-RING NBR
10 O-リング O-RING NBR
11 オイルプラグ LUBE PLUG S35C
12 ソリッドフランジ SOLID FLANGE S45C
13 ユニスリーブ UNI SLEEVE S45C

HASEC Gear couplings transmit power smoothy even under any, some
or all of the four basic shaft misalignments.

Parallel misalignment

The driving shaft and the driven shaft are parallel to each other but not on the same straight line. For the permissible parallel offset allowances(δ)of gear couplings:next item.

Composite misalignment

The driving shaft and the driven shaft do neither cross each other nor are they parallel to each other.

Angular misalignment

The driving shaft and the driven shaft cross each other but not on the same straight line.
The permissible angular misalignment(θ) scified for NSS,NSM and NUS is1°30′,and(θ)for NCC is1°.

Offset misalignment

The driving shaft and the driven shaft are on the same line but the distance between the two shafts varies.
The permissible axial misalignment is ± 25% of dimension C.(Applicable only to NSS,NUS,NSE,NCC and NCE.)


※The price above-mentioned (1 deg 30′ and 1 deg) is the price which can permit the structure top. When working, the use which is within setting out recommended value, please. When working, when there is displacement, please consult us.

How to use gear couplings

First of all,it is important for best application of the gear couplings to select the proper type and size which meet the specific application requirements best.Any misalignment appears as an inclination of the hub,which a shaft is connected, to the sleeves, and it shall be made sure that a hub can take any inclination freely inside the sleeve with which the hub is engaged.
NSE,NSME and NCE,when used in a single pair as shown is (6), can not accmmodate any offset misalignment. Any use of NSS, NSM,NUS and NCC,in double pairs or more as illustrated in (7) in the following diagramis not recommended,as such use tends to result in unstable operations.

Remark) NSE,NSME and NCE shall be used as (1) and (2).They shall not be used as (5) unless the shaft centering is made very accurately.
Remark) When NSS,NSM and NCC are used in double pairs with an intermediary floating shaft, such shaft shall be supported properly by means of bearings as shown in (3).if they are used in such a manner as shown in (7) , it shall be noted that the floating shaft tends to’ swing.
Remark) When NSS,NSM,NCC or NUS is used in a pair with NSE,NSME or NCE being connected by a floating shaft,such shaft shall be supported by means of freely inclinable bearings as shown in (4).
Remark) If they are used in such a manner as shown in (8),the shaft tends to incline and swing.

Gear coupling selection

Select a proper size from the coupling series in consideration,referring to the maximam shaft diameter which it can connect.


Make it sure,referring to the rated torque shown in the specification table, that the selected size has a transmission capacity suffic for the application.

The power to be transmitted is culculated in accordance with the following procedure.


①Select a proper load coefficient (F) from the following table.



②Calculate the power to be transmitted by the following formula.

T=9551×P×F×K/N …….(N-m)
T=974×P×F×K/N ……(kgf-m)
T : Torque to be transmitted
(1) N-m (2) Kgf-m
P : Power to be transmitted(kw)
F : Load coefficient
K : Modification Constant
N : Speed(min-1)


③Select the proper coupling size from the series in consideration,making it sure that the torque to be transmitted
as calculated above does not exceed the torque described in the specification tables.

The transmissibility table [1] for hasec gear coupling applies to the standard type
The transmissibility table [2] for hasec gear coupling applies to the high grade type


④Rotation in normal direction coefficient S

Positive backspin S=1.0
One-way revolution S=1.2
Please take the catalog standard torque.


The latitude size value which can put the structure according to the model number



※A table above-mentioned is the price which can permit the structure top. When working, the use which is within setting out recommended value, please. When working, when there is displacement, please consult us.

Mounting of gear couplings

All parts and components shall be cleaned carefully before mounting.


2.insertion of O-rings
O-rings shall be inserted into the sealing grooves provided on the sleeves.


3.Insertion of HUB and SLEEVE into shaft.
Place the SLEEVE and O-ring into shaft at first, then confirm the direction of HUB, and fit it on shaft.
At that time take special care not to damage the O-ring.


4.Key insertion
The key shall be coated carefully with a sealing chemical before insertion in order to present oil leaking through the key way.


5.Installation of the machines to be coupled.
The drive machine and the load machine shall be installed correctly in the predetermined positions.


Fig.1 shows dial gauge centering; it is carried out by fixing the gauge on one of the hubs and then by turning the shaft connected to the other hub.
An accurate centering is essential for securing a longer coupling life.


7.Assembling of sleeves
Insert an O-ring between the flanges of a pair of outer cylinders and clamp them with bolts, making sure that the two flanges
are in complete alignment. As NSS and NSE transmit torque by the friction between flanges.


8.Put in the proper volume of grease or oil through the lubrication inlets.
When grease is used,apply sufficient amount of grease on the teeth of the hubs before assembly. Then, put predetermined
volume of grease through the lubrication inlets. After greasing,fasten the inlet plugs tightly.



NSS Type

NSS Type

NSE Type

Recommendation of centerling

Respective values in the left table shall be applied to those of 1800 〔min-1〕 or less in rotation in case of general industrial machine.




Calculation of center aligning

Balanced error of NSE type should be calculated based on the mentioned-below.



Maximum bore and puller hole data for gear couplings

Extranction taps upto type No.125 to 355 will be additionally machined at your request. Those for type No.400 or more have been machined based on the following dimensions.

The transmissibility table

The transmissibility table [1] for hasec gear coupling applies to the standard type
The transmissibility table [2] for hasec gear coupling applies to the high grade type

Recomended lubrication


Put in the proper volume of grease or oil through the lubrication inlets.(the proper oil volume for each size is given in the specification tables.)when grease is used apply suffient amount of grease on the teeth of the hub before assembly. Then, put in the specified amount of grease through the lubrication inlets Then, fasten the plug tightly.
Lubrication is a very important factor for perfect operation of gear couplings. Lubricant forms an oil film on the tooth surface, prevents direct metal contact, improves the wear resistance of the teeth, reduce noise, prevents the temperature rise and self oscillation.
Thus lubricant plays a very important part and the use of proper lubricant is very important too. For the recommended lubricants refer to the following table. Lubricant deteriorates by the use of couplings and should be changed from time to time for ensuring an extended service life of couplings.



Maker Grease Gear Oil
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. Daphne Eponex EP Grease No.1 Daphne Super Gear Oil 680
Showa Shell Sekiyu K. K. Shell Alvania EP Grease No.1 Shell Omala Oil S2 G 680
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation Epnoc Grease AP No. 1 Bonnoc M 680
Cosmo oil Lubricants Co.,Ltd. Cosmo Grease Dynamax EP No.1 COSMO GEAR SE 680
Exxon Mobil Corporation Mobilux EP No.1 Mobilgear 600XP 680
Kyushu Hasec Co., Ltd. Hasec coupling grease  
JIS Standard

JIS K2220 centralized lube grease

Class 4 No.21

JIS K2219 industrial-use

Class 2 gear oil, (ISO VG680).

Use the JIS K2220 centralized lube grease Class 4 No. 1 with extreme-pressure additive, the NLGI #1EP grease, or equivalent. Use the high

Use the JIS K2219 industrial-use Class 2 gear oil, (ISO VG680), the AGMA #8EP (ISO VG680) or equivalent, or equivalent. Use the high

Remark) Please consult us for high or low temperature applications.

“Application temperature of gear coupling is detemined by lubricant and material quality of O-ring.”(-10℃~80℃)


Replacement period of lubricant

(1)Replace grease after 1 month, and thereafter replace it every 6 months.

(2)Replace oil after 1 month, and thereafter replace it every 6 months.


Notice to the Customer(Exemption from responsibility)

We would notify that the comprehensive study and consultation with our design dept is necessary before application of our equipment by the Customer is used under the condditions stated below.


(1)When equipment is used with nearly maximum shaft diameter and maximum permissible revolution.

(2)When torque fluctuation is large

(3)When impact is repeatedly loaded

(4)When equipment is used under extremely slow speed for the machine such as crane lifting unit For any purchased equipment, the application conditions of which are beyond our knowledge, we shall be exempted from the responsibility for the breakdown and the accident arising out of abovementioned application conditions.

HASEC Coupling genuine grease

Facilitate the lubrication maintenance control of gear coupling. High performance grease of high stickness and strong adhesion


A tube of grease with 55g content

2.5㎏ can, 16㎏can


Genuine grease to gear coupling

Gear coupling has increased in troubles attributed to misselection of grease, Especially when the gear coupling bears large load, unless given grease of higher performance and suitable characteristic, trouble will be caused to lead to the stop of equipment,
This invites a great loss.
The genuine grease is high perpormance grease for exclusive use that can without anxiety be used for gear coupling under various conditons.


Feature of genuine grease

HASEC coupling genuine grease is grease that oil improver and extreme pressure agent besides molybdenum disulfide are blended into, converting high viscosity oil and special polymer to gel by lithium soap. This grease possesses such excellent characteristic as follows.


Strong adhesion strength Because of the grease of high stickiness, it is excellent in absorptin strength and adhesion.
Strong water resistance Because of water repellency and emulsification resistance, it has become fewer that grease softens and flows in water and under high humidity atmosphere.
Strong load resistance and wear resistance Blending of molybdenum disulfide and effect of extreme pressure agent maintain
lubrication under extreme pressure and shock load.
Strong heat resistance Application temperature range:-15℃ ~150℃


Main properties


Appearance Black high viscous butter grease
Consistancy(25℃) 320 – 340
Drop point℃ 195 or higher
Copper strip corrosion(100℃×24Hr) Pass
Oil separation % (100℃×24Hr) 2.5 or less
Worked stabillty (100,000r) 350 – 370
Load arrying capacity FALEX 2,500lbs
TEMKEN 55lbs

Size and specification table


Please refer to the case.
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