FM series


No backlash, high torque and rapid rotation, high, durable, the long-lived life. It’s also more safe organizations in an overload and the time of outbreak accident-generation.


A lubricant is unnecessary, maintenance-free.

A lubricant isn’t needed because there are no shuudoubu and rolling around part. When checking maintenance, a watch check of a disk element and looseness of a bolt and a nut are just checked.


No backlash, High torsional stiffness

It’s the structure which has no rattling by a combination system by a bolt, and there are no backlashes and I have expensive torsional stiffness, so the correct axial rotation which has no revolving blurs is possible.


High torque and rapid rotation

It possesses the high communication torque, and is well-balanced by highly precise processing. Therefore high-speed rotation is endured.


Big permission misalignment

The permission angle amount of displacement is 1 deg. The permission parallel amount of displacement corresponds to the length of the spacer and becomes big. A disk element answers with the inside diameter with the feature flexibly to various displacement and suppresses the thrust load which occurs from a coupling small. Therefore share of a bearing of the surrounding equipment becomes little.


The long-lived life

It’s the whole metal, so deterioration with age by wear isn’t woken up. You can excel environmental resistance by trash, hotness and low temperature, and I show the semi-permanent life expectancy by use by normal status.


Safe organization

A disk element laminates a stainless thin board, and is made, so it’s possible to communicate the power through a bolt washer without the whole number’s being damaged together even if an outbreak accident occurs.

Target machine

●Corresponding to non backlash

・ Iron manufacturing machine
・ Plant
・Paper making machine
・Machine tool
・All kinds’ pump
・Additionally general industrial machinery of all fields


Permission misalignment (Please refer to a specification table for the numerical value.)


Parallel displacement

A driven shaft core is parallel to drive, when it isn’t on the same line.


Axial displacement

When drive and a driven shaft core are on the same line, and there is movement in the distance between the axis.


Angle displacement

When drive and a driven shaft core intersect, and it isn’t on the same line.


Synthetic displacement

When drive and a driven shaft core don’t intersect and moreover there is movement in the distance not parallel, but between the axis each other.




①Hub×2 ②Spacer×1 ③Disk element full set ④Tight fit bolt×4
⑤Special nut×4 ⑥Washer×4 ⑦Bush×4

How to call the form (example)




S The single flexible type
WN The double flexible type (standard spacer)
WA The double flexible type (standard spacer)
WL The long spacer type


Element shape

4 bolts separate type


Model number(Flange overall size mm)

93 104 126 144 171 194 223 253


Hub shape



The size in C between the axiss (mm) * One in case of a double

Standard spacer series
80 100 125 140 160 200 250

FEM analysis figure


Double flexible type (standard spacer series) FMWN
Double flexible type (standard spacer series) FMWA
Single flexible type FMS
Long spacer type FMWL

How to choose the model number

1.Communication torque

(1) Please select the load coefficient (F) more than the following table by the use and operation conditions.
(2) Please calculate the communication torque by following equation and select the model number by which the calculated communication torque is within “allowable torque” in a specification table.



2.Use axis diameter

Please select the model number by which the use axis diameter is within the “biggest axis path” in a specification table.


3.Number of rotations when using

Please select the model number by which the number of rotations when using, is within the “permission number of rotations” of the specification table.


4.Please synthesize the model number selected by the above 1-3 item and decide last model number.


5.Please do the check by which it’s a spacer whether it’s satisfied with the distance between the axis end of the standard items. (When the distance between the axis end is exceptional, I’ll make an estimate as specially mounted type separately, so please consult.)


※ I’ll also manufacture a coupling of a long spacer-type.
※ Moving balance of standard items and standard items is included in JIS.G-6.3/1800min-1.
※ Moving balance is corrected by your request.



Correct turning up the wick at installation and a periodic turning up the wick adjustment to deterioration with age of a misalignment are needed for a performance show of a coupling and long-lived life maintenance.



After an axis and coupling washing, a coupling hub is installed in the axis. In a case of seal entrapping, kangou of an axis and a coupling heats a coupling hub uniformly by 90-120 ℃ of whole oil and inserts in an axis quickly.


Distance between the flange face

Please set it as the distance between the flange face (C and the G size) will be the prescriptive size. Or, please set its common difference within 0.25 mm of±.


Angle displacement

Install measuring watch in the hub in one side, and make this circulate, and read swing, and please adjust it until this swing price will be within the 10% of the tolerance.



Parallel displacement

Measuring watch is installed in the hub in one side and swing is judged by the same point as angle displacement. Like angle displacement, please adjust it until this swing will be within the 10% of the tolerance. When seeing swing, measuring watch sometimes swings abnormally at a vampire part of a hub, but so avoid the part, and please read this because a flange of a hub was full of the time of hole drilling in outskirts.



1.When the impossible power is added when inserting tight fit bolt, I make a disk element transformed, so please be careful about transformation and set tight fit bolt.


2.Please tighten a special nut up equally by a prescriptive torque. Please tighten a special nut up by the prescriptive torque once again several hours later of actual load operation (1-3 hours). Please make the attachment and removal number of times of the special nut in the range 10 times.


3.A washer and Busch have one for how to put together. Please be sure to do as the spherical surface side will be the disk element side.


4.Please wipe up the oil stuck in a coupling part (bolt, nut, washer, Busch and element, etc.) beautifully.



Please refer to the case.
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