Privacy policy

KYUSHU HASEC Co., Ltd. makes an effort toward protection of personal information based on the basic policy we set.

About handling of personal information

Then KYUSHU HASEC Co., Ltd. (in the following, we) is making an effort toward appropriate handling of personal information based on a basic policy about the personal information protection we set as a part of a match of personal information protection.



1.Use of personal information

We’ll use personal information to execute performed business smoothly.
We’ll use the personal information we got only in the area which the execution top of business is needed along a set regulation.
Please see this about a description of business of us.



2.Offer to a third person

(1) We elucidate or offer the personal information which are your names, your addresses, the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, etc. in the enterprise which covenants with us for achievement of the use purpose. But, when you could ask to suspend an offer of personal information to an affiliated company by oneself or agents, it’ll stop promptly.

(2) As far as there is no agreement of the person himself beforehand except for a case next to the above (1) equality, I’ll elucidate or offer to you personal information to a third person.

[1] the occasion based on the decree

[2] when there is need for protection of the life, a body or goods.

[3] when national engine young SHIKU has to cooperate to the person’s who received a local public organization or the trust executing the office work a decree sets.

[4] when handling of personal information is entrusted at the reach necessary to achievement of the use destination.



3.Elucidation, correction and use stop

When the customer person himself hopes for elucidation of personal information, correction and a use stop, it’s possible to request elucidation, correction and a use stop to us by oneself or agents.
Please inform our charge man to contact of a question about personal information.


Inquiry desk about personal information
1677-5, Kamishinnyu, Nogata-shi, Fukuoka, 822-0033, Japan
A question by mail is here.

※The person himself confirmation is needed procedure about personal information.
※In case of procedure by agents, I’ll sometimes inform the person himself of confirmation more than us.



4.Revise of privacy policy

A basic policy about these personal information protection we set is sometimes revised without notice as the need arises.
Please check it periodically.